Thanksgiving BrainTeaser Quiz

Q 1. Can you help the turkey choose the path that leads to the pumpkin pie?

Q 2. Can you rearrange this image in the correct order?

Q 3. Think you can figure out what comes next?

Q 4. Corey, Laura, Paige and Jacob, all turkeys, are wandering through the beautiful forest. They spot seven bees and five cockroaches, and in the trees, they see eight spiders. There are also three deer and four boars. Behind a bush, they can see a pair of antlers. How many legs are there in total?

Q 5. The turkeys, Corey, Laura, Paige and Jacob, are cooking up a pumpkin pie and each add a different ingredient. When the pie is finished, there is 1/4 cinnamon left, 1/3 of nutmeg, 1/2 of ginger and 5/8 of pumpkin left. Corey used the most. Laura used the least. Paige used more than Jacob. Who used the ginger?

Q 6. How many differences can you count? Type your answer in below!

Q 7. Click PLAY to watch this video and answer the question!

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