The Space Quiz

1.What is the smallest planet in our solar system?

2.How old is the universe in years?

3.Which NASA Space flight was the last manned Moon mission?

4.Which direction does the Earth spin?

5.How many planets are in the Solar System?

6.What entity boasts a gravitational pull that is so powerful that not even light can escape?

7.How many moons does Planet Earth have?

8.What percent of the Solar System’s mass does the sun hold?

9.Who was the first person to reach space?

10.When was the first man made object sent into space?

11.How long does it take for the Sun’s rays to reach us on planet earth?

12.In which year did we discover the first exoplanet?

13.When will Halley’s Comet next be visible from Earth?

14.In which year did the Spirit and Opportunity rovers land on Mars?

15.What is a Russian Astronaut called?

16.The bright ball that provides our world with light and warmth is referred to as what?

17.Which is considered to be our hottest planet in the Solar System?

18.How many moons does the planet Jupiter have?

19.What is our sun made of?

20.How old is the sun?

21.Which planet is furthest away from the sun?

22.What is it called when the sun is momentarily covered by the moon?

23.What is the official name of the Sun?

24.Who was the first person to walk on the moon?

25.Which planet is the largest in our universe?

26.Some of the stars in the night sky that we see no longer exist, true or false?

27.Which planet is often referred to as ‘The Red Planet?’

28.We call it ‘the study of space’, but what is its proper term?

29.Who is known as the ‘Father of Observational Astronomy?

30.Without it we would all fly off into space, what is it?

31.It was named after the Roman goddess of beauty, what planet are we talking about?

32.This planet was named after a Roman god of the sea, what is it?

33.What is Earth’s nickname?

34.Who wrote The Universe in a Nutshell?

35.Which zodiac constellation is shaped like a lion?

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