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Q 1. What is the name of Kristoff’s Reindeer?


Q 2. What is the name of Elsa and Anna’s Kingdom?

ANSWER: Arendelle

Q 3. Who did Kristoff grow up with?

ANSWER: Trolls

Q 4. Who is the actor that voices Olaf?

ANSWER: Josh Gad

Q 5. Which Duke called Elsa a monster?

ANSWER: Duke of Weselton

Q 6. Who suggested that Anna should see the Trolls to be healed when she was a child?

ANSWER: The King

Q 7. Which country does Frozen take place?

ANSWER: Norway

Q 8. How many brothers does Prince Hans have?


Q 9. Who saves Anna from Freezing in her room?


Q 10. What do Anna’s parents use to find the Trolls?


Q 11. What is the only thing Kristoff can afford to buy when he goes to the Wandering Oakens Trading Post?

ANSWER: Carrots

Q 12. What does the elder troll tell Elsa her greatest enemy will be?


Q 13. Which Christian Andersen fairy tale inspired Frozen?

ANSWER: The Snow Queen

Q 14. What other Disney film did Frozen Co-Director Chris Buck direct?

ANSWER: Tarzan

Q 15. What other Disney film did Frozen Co-Director Jennifer Lee direct?

ANSWER: Wreck-It-Ralph

Q 16. What sets the enchanted forest on fire in Frozen 2?

ANSWER: A Salamander

Q 17. Who is the villain of Frozen 2?

ANSWER: Duke of Weselton

Q 18. How many years does Frozen 2 take place after Frozen?


Q 19. What does the character Ryder love?

ANSWER: Reindeer

Q 20. What sets the enchanted forest on fire in Frozen 2?


Q 21. What crash course did Disney animators have to take when making Frozen?

ANSWER: Meteorology

Q 22. How many strands of hair did the animators give Elsa?

ANSWER: 420,000

Q 23. Which of these was a reason Frozen 2 was made?

ANSWER: Fans were confused on how Elsa got her powers

Q 24. Which of these statements is true?

ANSWER: Frozen 2 is the first Disney Princess movie to have a sequel in theaters

Q 25. What inspired Robert Lopez to create the song “The Next Right Thing”?

ANSWER: A conversation between Kristen Bell and Jennifer Lee

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